Seized car “very likely” involved in 14 y.o. girl’s hit-and-run death

A gray Mazda 3 that the police seized earlier this month was “very likely” involved in the fatal accident in Zuiderwoude in which 14-year-old Tamar from Marken was killed on July 25. Preliminary investigation by the Netherlands forensic institute NFI found traces that could link the car to the hit-and-run, the police said on Thursday.

The police tracked down the car thanks to a large number of tips from the public. The car, with German license plates, was seized in Germany on August 7. After it was transferred to the Netherlands, the NFI conducted forensic investigation and found the trace evidence.

The police know who the owner of the car is, but it is not yet clear whether they were driving when Tamar was killed. This is currently under investigation.